Student Handbook

The student handbook outlines our student expectations based on a tradition of excellence here at MMS.

With a heightened awareness and attention to these ideals, we hope to promote a safe, caring, and challenging teaching and learning environment.

Mt. Lebanon School District Core Values

  • Keeps high expectations for all
  • Demonstrates respect, honesty, and integrity
  • Focuses on student centered learning
  • Reaches goals through teamwork and collaboration
  • Practices continuous improvement based on research and best practice
  • Uses data informed decision making
  • Values the contributions of all stakeholders

By internalizing the core values, we further believe the following to be unacceptable:

  • Insubordination/disrespect
  • Inappropriate/vulgar language
  • Physical violence/intimidation
  • Harassment/ridicule

Catch the Lebo Spirit

Catch the Lebo Spirit


  • Respect yourself and other people
  • Empathize-Walk in someone else's shoes
  • Respect the property of other people


  • Be an active listener
  • Choose your words and actions carefully
  • Speak politely to everyone


  • Encourage other people to be successful
  • Promote tolerance of other people's views, opinions, and differences
  • Help to create a safe and respectful learning community at Mellon Middle School


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