Mellon Middle School offers students a wide selection of clubs for students to join. Below are short descriptions of the activities offered by the clubs and the advisor's name and email.

6th Grade Cross Country

Meetings begin twice a week in the fall. This is great preparation for 7th and 8th grade competitive Cross Country.

Mrs. Tanner

6th Grade Track

Meetings begin twice a week in the spring. This is great preparation for 7th and 8th grade competitive Track.

Mrs. Tanner

Academic Games

Academic Games have been an integral part of the District's after-school program for more than 20 years. The players become involved in problem-solving activities, critical thinking, quick recall, and research skills. Intra School and interschool competition occurs on all levels from 5th grade through high school. Participants are expected to attend twice-a-week practices.

Mr. Locke

Build Your Own Model Club

Sponsored by the Mt. Lebanon Police Association

Join Officer Scott, Officer Jamie and Mrs. Barone in room 300. We'll build plastic model cars, trucks, ships, airplanes, and have fun! This is a chance to hang out with Police Officers in a fun and creative environment. And the best part, it is all free! We pay for the models and the supplies and will offer assistance and guidance to the builders. Join us for a safe, fun time.

Mrs. Barone


C.H.E.E.R.S (Children Helping Encouraging Each Other's Rising Successes)

Our mission is to improve the school environment by promoting friendships between students with developmental disabilities (Buddies) and students without disabilities (Peer Buddies) by providing socialization and leadership opportunities.

In addition to the benefit of developing new friendships, C.H.E.E.R.S. will also give students unique opportunities for leadership. With the support of school faculty and C.H.E.E.R.S. staff, students will lead in their schools.

Ms. Navarro

Coding Gals

CodingGals meets after school once a week at the High School with the District Technology Director, Mr. Stengel. Students in grades 6-12 learn the joy of coding through exercises in tools like scratch as well as other fun programming apps and kits. We also try to organize field trips to local places of interest like Carnegie Mellon for learning and even coding competitions!

Fitness Club

Meets twice a week from November to February in Mellon's Fitness Room. Students have supervised access to both Aerobic and Strength Training equipment. All grades are welcome.

Mrs. Tanner


The Forensics Club is Mellon's competitive speaking and drama club. Each member of the club selects a piece in one of the following categories: Drama, Poetry, Prose, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Declamation, or Multiple Reading. Students practice their chosen piece at weekly meetings. The team attends three or four tournaments from November to March, where they perform their pieces and compete against teams from other schools in the Pittsburgh area. All tournaments occur on Saturday mornings.

Click here for more information.

Mr. Raitano & Mrs. Raitano

Jazz Band

An extra-curricular opportunity for band members held during the second semester. A sixth grade jazz band and a separate combined seventh and eighth grade jazz band meet once a week beginning in January. Students learn to play in a more independent ensemble with more individualized parts. This activity culminates in an evening jazz concert in April.

Library Assistants

Students help the library run smoothly and are needed to shelve books, create displays, assist other students, and help prepare for special events. Diligent students are asked to give up one team time a week and may sign up in the library throughout the year.

Mrs. Tomer


Mathcounts runs from November to February and is a program that prepares students for a series of competitions designed to produce high levels of math achievement. Mathcounts is more than a competition; it promotes logical thinking and helps students at all levels improve their problem-solving skills.

Mr. Smith

Running Club

This club typically meets once a week during the warmer school months. Runners should listen to the morning announcements to find out when the club is meeting. All students and staff members are welcome!

Mrs. Sabram and Mrs. Tanner

Science Club

Science Club is an activity based program that is open to 7th and 8th grade students at Mellon Middle School. Students meet once a month and engage in activities that explore scientific concepts that are generally not covered in the curriculum. These activities allow inquisitive science students to explore exciting concepts, develop content knowledge, and build communication skills as students work together to solve problems and become part of a learning community.

Mr. McCann


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