Hoover Faculty and Staff

Office Staff

Administrative Staff Title
Ms. Nicci Giehll
Mrs. Audrey Brown Building Secretary
Mrs. Amy Froelich Instructional Clerk

Health Office

Health Office Staff Title
Mrs. Hilarie Bauer School Nurse
Mrs. Darlene Hasley Health Aide
Mrs. Deanna Hess Department Chairperson

School Counselor

Name Room
Mrs. Kimberly Gamble



Teacher Room
Mrs. Paula Hogenmiller 103

First Grade

Second Grade

Teacher Room
Ms. Kaitlin Lear 110
Mrs. Kelly Richards 112

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Encore Teachers

Teacher Subject Room
Mr.Garrett Hain Art 304
Mrs. Stephanie Hull Health & P.E. 306
Mr. Doug Reichenfeld Instrumental Music - Band 200
Mrs. Diane Sadar Instrumental Music - Orchestra 200
Mrs. Rae Ann Macosko
Hoover Library Site
Library 204
Señora Adriana Foley
Spanish 308
Señora Gretchen Brown
Spanish 308
Mrs. Carol Froehlich
Vocal Music
(Grades 3-5)
Ms. Liz Damp Vocal Music
(Grades 1-3)

Student Support Services

Teacher Support Room
Mrs. Kelly Pascarella Elementary Gifted Coordinator 107
Ms. Mandy Mosko ESL TBD
Mrs. Tina Tolkacevic Inclusion Specialist Student Support Offices
Mrs. Mary Perz Instructional Support (IST) 111
Mrs. Katie Cornell Learning Support 113
Mrs. Lindsay Gianoutsos Reading Support 109
Mrs. Shaina Vasbinder School Psychologist 114
Mrs. Adele Barton Speech & Language Pathologist 105
Mrs. Angie Markwood Speech & Language Classroom Teacher (AIU) 101
Mrs. Maria Vassilaros Speech & Language Pathologist (AIU) 108
Ms. Melissa Maegle Physical Therapist
Ms. Kelly Kujawinski Occupational Therapist
TBD Occupational Therapy Assistant

Instructional Assistants

Name Title
Mrs. Susan DePasqua Personal Care Assistant
Mrs. Mary Ehland Special Education Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Naomi Pittle Personal Care Assistant
Ms. Emily Scharf Classroom Aide
Mrs. Suzanne Spilsbury Classroom Aide

Custodial Staff

Custodial Staff Title
Mr. Bell Head Custodian
Mr. Rabb Custodian

Mr. Sapone Custodian

Mt. Lebanon School District

7 Horsman Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15228

Fax: 412-344-2047


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