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Third Day Enrollment, September 2017

Student Enrollment as of September, 2017

Foster Elementary


Hoover Elementary


Howe Elementary


Jefferson Elementary


Lincoln Elementary


Markham Elementary


Washington Elementary


Jefferson Middle School


Mellon Middle School


Mt. Lebanon High School


Total Enrollment


Student/Staff Statistics

Pupil/Classroom Teacher Ratio

Ratio is based on regular classroom teachers in the elementary schools and Math, English, Social Studies, and Science classroom teachers in the middle schools and high school.

Elementary Grades K-5 22.50
Middle School Grades 6-8 24.25
High School Grades 9-12 25.93
District 23.94

Pupils/All Instructional Professionals

Ratio is based on regular classroom teachers plus teachers in Business Information and Technology, Family Consumer Science, FLES/World Language, Technology Education, Art/Theatre/Humanities/TV, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music and Physical Education/Health classes.

Elementary Grades K-5 17.94
Middle School Grades 6-8 15.59
High School Grades 9-12 18.09

Pupils/All Professionals

Ratio is based on All Instructional Professionals plus non-instructional professional staff in the Writing Labs, Federal Program/Reading Specialists, GAT, Special Education, Strive, Counselors/IST, Librarians, Speech Pathology, Psychologists, Elementary Math Facilitator/Math Lab programs.

Elementary Grades K-5 13.43
Middle School Grades 6-8 12.07
High School Grades 9-12 14.32
District 13.32


Professional positions 442.40
Other employees (clerical, custodial, cafeteria, etc.) 224.97
Total 667.37
*all numbers indicate full-time equivalents

Teacher Salaries (17-step salary schedule)
Minimum with bachelor's degree $47,500
Maximum with master's degree plus 60 credits (195.5 days/work year) $107,600
Teachers earning a master's degree or higher
(17-step salary schedule)

Mt. Lebanon School District

7 Horsman Drive

Pittsburgh PA 15228

Fax: 412-344-2047


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