Special Education

Mt. Lebanon School District provides support for students with a broad range of educational needs. The majority of students are educated in the general education classroom with accommodations and modifications. Other students may need more extensive support offered through the Mt. Lebanon School District’s special education programs and services.

Special education consists of services and programs designed to meet the educational needs of students who meet state and federal eligibility criteria. To qualify for special education services, students must demonstrate the presence of a disability and also demonstrate the need for specially designed instruction. Regardless of the student’s disability, students are included in general education to the fullest extent appropriate.

Heather Doyle

Dr. Heather Doyle

Mt. Lebanon School District
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Special Education Department
Ms. Sandra Kwiecien

District Inclusion Specialist/
Transition Coordinator

Mr. Michael Houck

District Inclusion Specialist
Ms. Tina Tolkacevic


Mt. Lebanon School District

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